Drawn and Quarantined:dnq.ink: a prompt-based drawing site

Show me something interesting.

Okay, check out this month's drawings so far.

I just want to play around with the painting tools.

Sure. Here's a sandbox for you.

What's the idea?

Every day on Drawn and Quarantined, there are two new prompts for you to interpret. A prompt could be hill or ceramic or telephone.

What do I do?

You might want to start by looking around the site. Here are last month's drawings, for example.

Find today's date in the calendar. You'll see that the prompts today are unknown and waiting to be determined. Try drawing one of those, if you dare. You'll first need to register. You'll probably want a laptop or something, not a phone.

Once you start your drawing, you have between ten minutes and one hour to finish it.

Then what?

Everyone's drawings will be hidden until the next day. That way, you get to interpret the prompts however you like without being influenced by other artists' pieces.

Am I a time traveller?

Turns out you are! You can draw prompts a few days in the past. After that, they're gone. Also, if you unlock the secrets of time travel, you'll be able to see a timelapse of any of your own drawings.

Do you have any pictures of an ankh?